A much loved friend of ours is on its way out……………The Effluent Treatment Plant aka ‘the hurdy-gurdy’ needs to be replaced – it can’t meet modern water discharge quality standards; it is frequently failing to work giving off some nasty odours; and with it being more than 70 years old there is no economic option of repair.

The first phase of the project will be starting on Tuesday 20 February. Cyril is very happy because it means his bathroom will be back in full working order sooner than expected.
This phase involves excavation of part of the existing plant area, building the foundations for the new plant to sit on, and then putting the new plant in place. The new plant will be delivered on Friday 23 February.
This is going to add to the congestion in the car park and on busy days we will try and marshal the traffic to avoid too much chaos. Importantly we are now going to have to pay the bill sooner than expected so all donations, no matter how big or small, gratefully received.
See attached document for information related to the project Effluent Plant fund raising teaser
Work is starting imminently so all donations are much appreciated.